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Acupuncture & Chinese Herbalist...

Natalie Westwood Lic Ac, MSc, MRCHM, AACMA

Natalie is an acupuncturist and Chinese herbal medicine practitioner. She qualified in acupuncture and Chinese patent herbs in 2004, and went on to complete her Masters in Chinese herbal medicine in 2011 form the University of Westminster, London. She has largely worked in general practice but also practised from a specialist neurological clinic for stroke and multiple sclerosis and a fertility hospital in Perth, Australia.

Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine is a complete system of medicine. It has been used in China throughout millennium and is still an integral part of their hospital and medical facilities today, often used in conjunction with the Western medical treatments.


Acupuncture uses fine needles inserted into specific points along the body. The needles activate the bodies own energy system enabling it to relax and strengthen through the treatment. This brings it back to a state of balance that lessens the hold of symptoms, allowing them to reduce and drop away. Patients often report an increased sense of well-being in addition throughout their treatment course.

Medical conditions that acupuncture can treat are many and varied


Some of the most common conditions treated are:

  • muscol-skeletal problems (sciatica, back pain, frozen shoulder)
  • male and female infertility
  • stress, emotional upset. (panic attacks, depression)
  • gynaecological conditions (period pain, PMS, poly-cystic ovaries, fibroids)
  • digestive disorders (IBS, indigestion)
  • headaches, migraines
  • neurological disorders (stroke, Multiple Sclerosis)
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome

Chinese herbal medicine

Chinese herbal medicine uses the same diagnostic and philosophical techniques as acupuncture and are often complimentary when prescribed together. Chinese herbal medicine has made its name treating skin conditions and difficult fertility issues, but its scope and ability is broad and ranging. Raw herbs are prescribed but capsules and powders are available. Only the highest quality herbs are used and bought solely from a Traditional Chinese Medicine Approved Supplier in the UK.


Initial acupuncture appointment - 45 pounds, all follow-up appointments 36 pounds.

Initial Chinese herbal medicine - 25 pounds, all follow-up appointments 15 pounds, plus the cost of herbs. (approximately 25 pounds a week).

Please feel free to contact me if you would like more information.